Terms & Conditions

  • Fees collected in the Southern Futurity Stallion Auction, (SFSA), will be paid out in the 3-Year-Old Open and Non-Pro stallion auction classes of the 2024 Southern Cutting Horse Futurity, (SCHF).
  • A stallion’s 3-Year-Olds are eligible only if the donated breeding service is purchased.
  • Stallions can be nominated starting now. None will be accepted after Jan. 17, 2024. They will be added to the auction website as nominated.
  • Minimum bid is 50% of SCHF/SFSA Advertised Breeding Fee
  • Bids will increase in minimum increments of $100.00 beginning with the opening bid.
  • Bids are binding. Once submitted you bid becomes a binding contract and promise to pay. Bids may not be retracted once submitted.
  • Winning bidder for each breeding must pay with a credit card to SCHF/SFSA.
  • Online auction dates are November 1, 2023 - Jan. 31, 2024 ending at 8:00 PM CST sharp. The stallion owner/donor reserves the right to bid on his own behalf.
  • The bid fee does not include mare care, chute fees or veterinary care during breeding. Contact breeding facility for current costs.
  • Stallion services purchased through the SCHF stallion auction are intended for the same years breeding season only.
  • The purpose of the program is to create and incentive fund for all 3 year old foals by subscribed stallions entered in the SCHF and enhance availability of premiere cutting stallions in the southern cutting industry. In view of this purpose, there will be no refund of winning bids for any reason. After bidding has been completed, any transaction dealing with the breeding will be solely between the stallion owner and the mare owner. It will in no way involve the SCHF or SFSA. Submitting a contract indicates acceptance of the foregoing statement.

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